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Compliance Guarantee



What’s worse than an audit? Failing an audit.

We pass our audits 100% of the time, so that you can avoid costly mistakes and pass yours.

That’s our “100% Compliance Guarantee.”

Regardless of whether you’re a hospital, a bank or a state agency, maintaining regulatory compliance costs a business time, money and pain. Audits are like pulling teeth. It’s painful. That’s why we pass our audits the first time around – and not just after the auditor tells us what to fix.

Commodity hosting providers and generalist hosting providers won’t offer you a 100% Compliance Guarantee, because they cannot stand behind it. Yet, the AISN 100% Compliance Guarantee comes standard with our compliant hosting solutions for HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, FISMA, SOX and more.

Guaranteeing our compliance is part of the fabric of all of AISN’s solutions. It’s a service benefit that repeatedly saves our clients time and money and helps them to avoid costly litigation over compliance errors. How do we guarantee your compliance? Through years of experience, we have developed the AISN Managed Compliance Model™ that outlines all the aspects of achieving compliance. Through the AISN MCM, we work with you to highlight your responsibilities and even check up on you.

On our end, we have a multi-point approach to ensure that, at every level (physical, network, infrastructure, etc.), we’ve created full lockdown of all end points.


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