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AISN is the compliant hosting alternative to commodity hosting providers and generalist hosting providers. Just compare us!

For clients grappling with HIPAA, PCI and FISMA audits as well as other regulatory audits, only a custom fit solution will help you mitigate your risk while also saving you time and money.

Out-of-the-box solutions are okay for businesses that aren’t under the federal government’s microscope.  However, one size does not fit all.  Highly regulated clients cannot and should not tolerate a margin for error.  An out-of-the-box solution may not enable them to pass their compliance audit.

That’s why every solution that AISN architects is a custom fit – designed to meet the client’s exact specifications for compliance, security, agility, budget and more.  When you have an affordable solution that’s 100% tailored to you, you’ll be confident in your ability to pass that audit.

We Answer the Phone

Compare AIS Network’s client service to that of commodity or generalist cloud hosting providers. The difference is that we answer the phone.

Calling the tech support team for a commodity hosting provider, and many generalist hosting providers, is an absolute nightmare.

You may find yourself tweeting a #lousyservice complaint to their marketing folks just to get some attention. Excellent service is exactly what you want, and yet, commodity hosting providers don’t offer personalized service. Period. So, when you have a problem, there is no one person to call.  You’re given a ticket number and asked to wait for a call or email back.With AISN, you know the hosting experts responsible for managing your data because they’re functioning as an extension of your own team. You know whom to call when you need help. No matter what time of the day, the AISN team will always give you the time and attention that you deserve.

That’s personalized service at its best. It’s the first thing we think about whenever we design a hosting solution for a new client.

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